Birds Win Big

Three days ago I finished applying the Feather Friendly window dots on our large front windows. I am happy to report that not one single bird has even come close to colliding with the glass!

This past week in addition to finishing the bird dots on the windows, I’ve spent several days washing windows and making the house shine. Ramiro is still washing the house inside and out and touching up paint as he goes, and Armando has been cleaning the exterior rock work with the power washer. I still have a couple small tasks to do — install an electrical plug, tie some wires up under the house, install a plumbing vent — but everything is all but done. However I did want to show the finished bird-proofing of the windows.

Here are some photos:

This first photo is in progress. You tape two ruler guides (provided with the rolls of dot tape) to the window. Then you roll out enough tape to go across the window and cut it to length. Then, following the ruler, press the tape onto the window, one row every two-inches. Lastly, run a credit card over each dot to stick them to the window and then remove the carrier tape. Only the dots are left on the window:


I took the next photos just after sunrise:



You barely notice the dots from inside the house. Jabo does report, however, that he is seeing spots:


As I get closer and closer to completing every little item on the punch list, Cynthia reminded me of what I said when we first met about eleven years ago. We met online, In our emails back and forth, I told her that I was in the process of doing a down-to-the-studs remodel of my 1920s Craftsman bungalow home in Colorodo. This was a Big Red Flag for her, as the photos that I sent to her were “ugly” as she says.

But I told her that, “I finish projects,” and I emailed her my resume, if you will, of other houses that I had completed. Well, that sales job sealed the deal. Cynthia moved from Ohio to Colorado and we spent the next three-years finishing the bungalow.

Here is the bungalow on the day that I bought it. It was pretty nondescript.

330 N Fork Ave. 001-001

And here it is just before we sold it, windows washed and everything:

330 N Fork Ave Cropped-001

Now our shipping container house looks finished. It really feels good to have so much to show for our five-years of work:

Panorama -- 11 Nov 2015

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

17 thoughts on “Birds Win Big

  1. Hello Fred and Cynthia,
    Both of you are have outrageous eyes for detail. Very creative.
    I laughed when I read “200 plus easy blog steps” realizing the gorgeous casa you made.
    The force be with you………..jim

  2. I cannot express the joy I feel for you two. I am as proud as a mama to see your completed masterpiece! Well done you two. Well done Fred and crew. So glad Cynthia is making glass “beauties” again too. I look forward to possibly coming to visit you one day. With much respect I say “Congratulations!!”
    blessings and enjoyment of your lovely palace

  3. Another excellent idea as we too worry about all the birds that fly into our veranda doors … I will look into where to obtain. Meanwhile, it was interesting to hear how you met your lady AND the house that you two then used to COMPLETE …the relationship…lovely story, thanks!

  4. You really have accomplished so much in the last five years, Fred and Cynthia. This project has been quite a challenge to learn a whole new set of skills but being a smart and clever couple you have done it superbly. I admire your perserverence. So what’s next?

  5. I do like the “bird dots”, a wonderful idea to protect our feathered friends. How about some more photos of the gardens when you can? I have really enjoyed watching the progress made there. Congratulations on cominng to the end of your punch list, and in only five years. Thanks so much for sharing. Now whatever will you find to fill your days?

  6. Congrats Fred, the house is truly beautiful! We are now living in Boquete and are about to start our own building project. Nothing as grand as yours but I will be adapting many of your ideas as we go along. Can’t wait to see what you do moving forward. Lin

    • Hi Lin,

      Thank you very much for your kind compliment. If you are wise, you will stick to what you said about your project not being as grand as mine. Not because I want mine to be bigger than yours, but whew, this has been a marathon and has eaten all my time! Now maybe I can play my guitar! Good luck with your project, and have fun. Fred

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