Decision Time

I have talked with the container-procurement-woman, Karina, that I met through the Panama Yahoo Group, and after some research she came up with a quote for containers that is within a hundred dollars of the quote from my original source. Apparently, there are no deals to be had at this time of year. Buy high and sell low, it happens sometimes. Reminds me of the old joke: A man buys a bunch of shirts for $5 and tells his wife he is going to sell them on eBay for $3. “But we’ll lose money!” she said. “No we won’t, I’ll make it up in volume!”

Karina is still looking for the best price on transporting the containers and will call me tomorrow or the next day; I suggested that she look for a roll-off truck rather than one that would require a crane.

We have made our decision. We will go ahead with our project, but because of the cost overrun, we will build only the first floor at this time. This means four containers, not six. We will have the second floor to look forward to at a future date. It also means that we may not have to pay big bucks for a crane rental; we can use a smaller piece of equipment to place the containers on the columns, perhaps an excavator, which can be had much closer to home at a lower price per hour. We really only needed the crane for the height of the second floor. Speaking of the crane, another thing to consider is that I have been talking with the crane guy nearly every day for two weeks now. Every day he promises that he will be here at 2:30. So far he is a no-show, and I really don’t want to count on him being here when the trucks and containers arrive. I think it could be a mess and end up costing additional fees from the truckers while we wait for the crane.

I like to say that after you have collected all the information and listed all the options, “Make Major Decisions In Seven Breaths.” I believe that we really do know what to do right then and there. Ruminating is just ruminating for the sake of ruminating. Hay, I’m not a cow! It is like when Dorothy (Renee Zellweger) in the movie Jerry Maguire said, “Shut up, just shut up. You had me at ‘hello’.”

So forge ahead we will. Now it is just finding the best transport method and price. It feels good to have the decision made. We think that it is all just fine and that we won’t miss the second floor. We will still have all that roof deck space to enjoy and I can get to build the bed frame that Cynthia wants much sooner. Life is good.

I made the following flowchart this morning. You will have to click on it to make it larger. Once it is larger, you can click on it again to magnify it. I hope that you will enjoy seeing our decision making process.

That’s all for now.

5 thoughts on “Decision Time

  1. Isn’t there anyone else in the area who is building a container house? Bulk buying…

    We’re going to Bocas next week to check it out – would love to build a container house there – is how I found your site.

    Very cool and you keep going! Whatever was the question??

  2. Steve, over at Tin Can Cabin, ended up buying his Chinese=built 20′ containers new for a little under $3000 each, including delivery to Chicago IL. I’m not really sure where you are at in your negotiations right now, but it might be worth a try to source something new to see how the prices stack up.

    • New would be nice. Right now, I have a price of $4,100 each for 40-foot, high-cube, used, delivered to my property. It is probably a 4-5 hour truck drive for the delivery trucks from the Port of Colon to here in the mountains. Then, of course, they will have to deadhead back to Colon. That’s a lot of diesel. I guess somebody has to pay for this.

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