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We wrap up the month of August with more tile done and yet more to go. But we are very pleased with the progress. The master bathroom is our current focus; there is progress but it is still a mess. Here is a photo of the master bathroom — on the left, Armando is working on a rock wall. He can run about four rows a day before the wall becomes unstable from the weight and the wet mortar. On the right, Hanibal has just finished a glass block wall between the shower and the toilet. We all joked that Armando got paid ten-cents per rock (not true). P1010564-001Hanibal and I tiled the shower valve wall in the shower. He and I worked together to plan where the tiles would go and then strategically located the shower valve so that all cuts in the tiles would happen at the edge of the tiles — no tiles were damaged in the making of this wall: P1010562-001The tile floor and wall in the laundry room are done and I repainted the walls a putty gray. All that is left in this room is baseboard and connecting the sink and some wiring:


The paint around the window shows lavender on my monitor but it is truly putty gray.

Cynthia and I spent the better part of a day cleaning and organizing. It is always difficult to live in a construction zone. Here is the living room pretty much cleaned out; even the living room floor got vacuumed: P1010542 One big mess still exists — the pallets of tile in the carport. This area has become the dumping ground of everything that we didn’t know what to do with. Eventually though, the tile piles will dwindle to nothing: P1010553With the second bedroom tiled and mostly painted, it was time to paint the desk (one of the five white tables that Aramis and I built) and bring it into the bedroom. We had a piece of glass on hand. Here I have just completed the third coat of oil-based enamel: P1010540-001Here is the table/desk in the second bedroom, painted a deep chocolate brown: P1010569-001In the latest in our frog-in-a-bathroom photo series, Cynthia spotted this one on our toilet this morning: P1010550-001 P1010547


Not a very clear photo — it was on the move — but I was intrigued by how the frog could keep its foot flat on the floor as it sped forward.

Lastly, my lunch one day:


Egg salad in a tomato rose.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.

8 thoughts on “More Tile

  1. Looks good. Reminds me that I’d like to try slip-forming a wall using epoxy resin. Ie, think of rocks/stone with no visible mortar. Either stand-alone or against a concrete (or steel?) wall.

  2. Still here Fred , your blog is the highlight of my life these days while the weather is still so cold , looking forward to warmer weather . Doing a great job and lucky in securing such a skilled tiler in Hanibal , most impressed in his work . Regards to the girl and liking that glass ware you are producing Cyn , looking forward to the viewing , best wishes Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry for the delay, we’ve been on vacation in WARM Colombia. I’m looking forward to getting back to the tile. So much more to go! Hanibal was unable to leave his pueblo today because the big rain yesterday raised the river that he has to cross. Maybe tomorrow. I’m anxious to make the lamps but have to find parts first… Thanks for your comment. Fred

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