Update: This post is for our original two-story house plan. However, the price increase on containers and the high cost of getting a crane large enough to lift to the second floor has pushed us to redesign our house to a one-story endeavor. You can see our new plan at a later entry, Here’s The Plan.

Two-story plan: You asked for it, so here are some sketchs of the floor plan. We will use High Cube shipping containers for much of the structure. A High Cube unit is 8-feet wide, 40-feet long, and 9-feet 6-inches high (one foot higher than the standard container). This will make a good ceiling height for here in the tropics. Here are my sketches:

1. Placing  four containers for the start of the first floor (click the photo to view larger, click the BACK button to return to this post):

2. Completing the first floor (click the photo to view larger, click the BACK button to return to this post):

3. Placing two more containers for the second floor (click the photo to view larger, click the BACK button to return to this post):

Including my shop (480 square feet), we have just under 3,000 square feet of covered living space. In a colder (or hotter) climate I would hesitate to build a house this size without taking significant energy conservation steps, but here in our area we need neither heat nor air conditioning, so our post construction carbon footprint/energy usage, other than a few extra fluorescent light bulbs, will not be affected by size.

The entire angled wall in the living room has no glass, only security bars and insect screening. In fact, that entire wall will be made of sliding, stacking security doors that will completely open the space to the outside. Windows in my shop, the bathrooms, and some other areas will also be without glass to provide continuous ventilation in this somewhat humid climate.

I hope that this gives you a good idea of our use of shipping containers to build our home.

3 thoughts on “Plan

  1. Thank you, So much for sharing your Dream Home. Such effort to details makes very enjoyable and exciting to read. I think back to the years and somehow feel the anticipation of the next posting so forth until now. A newcomer to your site, I am thrilled to tour your due diligence. The forethought brings such comfort zones to every corner.

    I’m purchasing my first three containers with the idea of storage initially to
    collect, sort and store my working cattle ranch. Once I’ve done this then these
    Containers will hopefully become my barn and home. Again, thank you, thank you. You are one of my reference pages (ebook)! I share it with all concerned.

    Warm Regards,
    Phyllis Mc

    • Hi Phyllis,

      Thanks very much for your kind comments. It sounds like you have a good plan for your future and I wish you luck. My project has been a creative endeavor that has required a significant amount of perseverance, but I am very happy because now it is coming together better than I even dreamed. Phyllis, thanks again for your comment. Fred

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