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Our shipping container house / art house in Panama is for sale.


Here are some details about this house and this area of Panama’:

  • Lot size = 1,600 square meters (.4 of an acre)
  • House size =
    • Inside Living Space – 2,996 square feet / 278.33 square meters
    • Additional Covered Space (outside workshops, bathroom, storage deposito) – 609 square feet / 56.58 square meters
    • Outside Under Roof – 1,360 square feet / 126 square meters
  • Two large bedrooms with full bathrooms
  • Interior laundry area with washer/dryer/sink
  • Two, half-bathrooms
  • One outside toilet/shower
  • Two-car carport / bohio with tile floor
  • Tastefully furnished (some personal items not included)
  • Mature landscaping
  • Lots of light
  • Lots of birds (and our front windows are protected to avoid bird strikes)
  • Good, quiet neighbors, some are working-class, some are business people who live in the city but come here on weekends
  • Our house is just three kilometers outside of El Valle (El Valle de Anton), a pueblo with restaurants, two banks, two gas stations, a zoo, a frog sanctuary, a large rain-forest waterfall and zip-line tour, numerous hotels and hostels, orchid center, butterfly haven, public library, large public market, grocery and hardware stores
  • El Valle is on the floor of a volcanic crater. Our house is on the rim where it is cooler, quieter (there is a lot of weekend music in the pueblo), and less congested than down in town
  • 40-minutes from the beaches and the town of Coronado where you can buy most anything that you need
  • Price = $498,000 USD
  • See a seven-minute video of the exterior of the house in my post, EXTERIOR VIDEO!
  • See 93 photos in my post, PHOTOS!

I am not sure where I will go with this blog in the future. Most likely, it will become dormant. In the States, a soap opera will go on for years. Generations even. But in Latin America, the soaps have a limited duration like a book or a movie without a sequel. I suspect my blog will be the later.

I would like to leave this blog up as so many people seem to have enjoyed it. Perhaps it will be like a book up on the shelf, ready to be pulled down and perused by someone who stumbles across it. However, it might all be up to the new owner of the house; perhaps they will want it or perhaps they will want their privacy more and I will be called to take it down. If I make a new blog, I’ll put a link to it here if this blog still exists.

I want to thank each and every visitor, both to my blog and those who made their way to visit us to see it in person. I have very much enjoyed these mostly-Sunday sessions where I cull through photos, tweak them, and write about the past week-or-two. Thanks to Cynthia who, after I have proofed my writing four- or five-times, has proofed it again. Special thanks to subscribers and those of you who have left your comments. I have

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by. Fred


  1. Thanks for taking me along through all these years. Reading and viewing what you two have created.
    I’d be happy to join you in the pages of your next “book”,

      • Hi Fred! This is Jennifer my husband and I have the house across from you and we are sad to hear that you will be selling and moving. You’ve Done such an amazing job and a lot for the neighborhood. Unfortunately we still have three years before we can make our final move and being our construction on our house. So we will have to keep in touch so we can get your advice on whom to use and what to use.

  2. Dearest Fred and Cynthia,
    This blog is the only one I have ever followed. I have so enjoyed the extensive information, humor and beauty you have shared through the years. As a person who is also driven by creativity to reinvent and explore my artistic self again and again, I applaud you in following this impetus (I currently am a designer and maker of upcycled couture tutus for adults as well as painter, architectural wrought iron designer, sculptor, medicine woman).
    With gratitude for your creation and open heartedness,
    I hope you include us in your next venture!


  3. Oh, Fred and Cynthia! All that wonderful, creative work! To be passed on “down the line” so soon? Why not enjoy the place for a year or so, then move on? And Colombia? Please, stay in Panama and be safe and happy. I know that there is much, so much to be had right here.
    Maybe Altos del Toro? Keep the Faith! Allen Bishop, Los Angeles and El Valle de Anton

  4. fred and cynthia, i was late to your blog but have enjoyed reading back thru it. while i’m surprised that you would move on from a spot that you have worked so hard at, i understand, as a creative, the NEED to discover what’s next and to apply the knowledge attained from your first effort. here’s to the next step in your journey, and by all means, please blog it as well. you have lots to share. happy holidays, d.

  5. Hi Fred and Cynthia,
    I figured you would at least spend a month or so with your feet up admiring what you amazingly created. Alas, a new an exciting adventure calls and I can relate to starting anew. I spent a long time building a house too and if I had to do it all over again, it would be much smaller as well. it’s difficult to walk away from the little things one tends to personalize in a dwelling. With that in mind, make a point of making brief trips to your new location in Colombia as often as you can while you have your house for sale in Panama. Going to miss the daily “grind” in your campo (pardon the pun).

    • Hi Dan,

      We will enjoy the fruits of our labors while the house is for sale. The nice thing about this is that every morning Cynthia and I have our check lists of things to clean and straighten up in case someone comes to look at the house. After our few minutes of work are done, we can enjoy the house in pristine condition for the rest of the day! Thanks for your comment. Fred

  6. I have enjoyed following this grand adventure and think that you’ve built an amazing and unique home – I too hope that the right people find it and make it theirs.
    Medellin is an awesome choice for a new adventure! Wonderful people and a vibrant culture. All the best!!

  7. Just found this blog from another container housing site, glad I got to see that it is complete,and has just been completed recently (I was afraid shipping container homes might just have been a fad and that no-one was actually completing them in recent times) but this is encouraging.

  8. Wow, I missed this post until now but I must admit, I’m not too surprised… Ximena and I have always wanted to visit Medellín… So please send me your email address… If and when we make it, I’ll certainly look you guys up.

    John Bankson
    Follow me at

  9. Hi Fred and Cynthia,
    We have enjoyed following your blog from the beginning. The work you two have done is incredible and the home you have built is amazing. Beyond all that, you have provided a look into living in Panama that few other blogs can offer. Dealing with container construction is daunting, building a home by yourselves in a foreign country with foreign materials while negotiating a foreign culture was astounding. To have such a beautiful result seems superhuman.

    Thank you both for years of wonderful reading. Best of luck.
    jim and nena
    Fort Worth, TX and sometimes Panama

    • Hi Jim & Nena,

      Wow, thank you very much for your kind compliments. Yes, it has been daunting, but I have discovered the meaning of the word perseverance and I think that it is vital for any project that ventures into the unknown. Thanks again, and I am happy that you have enjoyed the construction and the windows into Panama that I wrote in my blog. Fred

    • Jim and Nena hopefully ill be able to show you a couple of pictures of my small adventure in tx with shipping containers. I have a 5 acre plot that i am currently building a shipping container home on. it is about 30 min from fort worth. i currently reside in crowley.

  10. Hello Fred and Cynthia
    best of luck as you move onwards towards your next creative venture. Would love to see you back in Colorado for a visit.
    Lynn M

  11. Beautiful place gargantuan efforts paid off, land size just right! cannot say l can afford it tho..
    l am seeking a vendor who builds simple conversions out of 40’s and 20’s hopefully around David, Panama. Having vetted a 3 in PC all too happy to promise the moon but after weeks of communications all fell short of integrity.

  12. WOW thats an amazing place you boyh have.

    Actually I would like to meet you guys, Im Indira From Panama, and would love to know more about the house, can you write me back to my email?


  13. Hey guys… I sure miss hearing from you two from time to time… Any news on the sale?

    We have decided to sell as well… for different reasons but primarily we decided we need a change in focus in our lives… And if we are going to make this big change, we need to do it now before our 2 daughters get too big.

    • Hi John,

      And I miss putting up blog posts! But there really isn’t much going on construction wise here. I did refresh the roof coating on container #4, but that’s not a blog post, is it? Absolutely nothing is selling or buying here at the moment. I think things will change after the election in the States, it usually does raise the market to have a new president, but I guess all bets are off this year. I wish you a quick sale and that you have the opportunity to move on to a new focus. Regards, Fred

      • well the market in general in Chile is way down… with the price of copper in the tank, that affects everything. We’ve been told that the average time to sell a house is 8 months… so we have 7 more to go.

        Wishing you guys all the best in your sale as well.

        Saludos from Chile.
        John, Ximena, Sarah, and Emma

  14. Well Fred and Cynthia, you are indeed our ‘book on the shelf’ and we have enjoyed every chapter of the journey, all the way … AND will follow you into the next chapter, for sure! We are still in Florida, returning around December when we hope to visit …enjoy first hand your creations, and Cynthia… to talk glass

  15. Hi, I love the article. I stumbled across it when searchign for Shipping containter home in Medellin, as I am looking at starting a similar project. I would love to hear more from you and if you have embarked on an other project in Medellin similar to your shipping containter home in Panama.

    It would be great if you could send me an email to discuss further.

    All the best!

    • Hi Anton,

      Sorry for the delay. With no new posts, I have been remiss in checking my blog for a while. We are still here waiting for a buyer. But I have to say that there are worse places to sit out a waiting game! We enjoy the birds and nature and plants every day. Good luck with your project!

  16. I enjoyed reading about your journey – regarding the building of your unique home in Panama. Building here is one of the most challenging projects one can undertake. Good luck with the next chapter in your lives. Best wishes from Altos.

  17. Hi Fred and Cynthia,
    This is Brenda Wilson, I am a glass artist too, and just moved to Panama. It would be wonderful if we could get together sometime, since I don’t think there are many of us here in Panama.
    I’m not as accomplished as you, Cynthia. I work with mostly float glass and bottle glass, recycling them, in a way. I did, however buy some coe 90 Spectrum and some 90 Wissmach to bring with me. But I haven’t worked with it yet. I bought a new Skutt glass kiln before we left, and it hasn’t even gotten plugged in here yet. We started just today to build our shop/studio on the lot we own next door. We should be in it by Christmas… keeping our fingers crossed.
    Anyway, that’s just a drop about me. Perhaps we can keep in touch, if nothing else.

      • No, I didn’t get your email… sorry. I was wondering about that, actually. The studio is finished, and I’m getting moved in this week. We’re leaving for Boquette for a few days, but when we return, my husband will begin building my tables and shelves to put everything away. I’m so excited to finally be able to be creative again. My direct email is Perhaps that will help us keep in touch.

  18. Fred, such a pleasant surprise to find your bi-line, at my inbox, again.
    Perhaps I could encourage you to do an update? Panama/Colombia?

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