100,000 ~ My Hit Counter Adds A Zero

I noticed that the hit counter on this blog recently turned 100,000.

When I started blogging, I just wanted to keep a chronological record and share what we are doing with a few folks. But the Internet is an ever expanding, ever amazing extension of our connection with each other, and somehow the hit counter just keeps spinning.

I know that some of you are family and friends and by reading my blog it is easier for you to keep track of us here in Panama. It’s not quite a personal phone call, but just think of my blog as a really frequent Christmas form letter to you.

I also know that most of you are complete strangers and are located in far flung corners of the world, finding me by Googling “shipping container houses” or “front gate designs” or building with concrete blocks in Panama” or “living in Panama” or “DIY oxy-acetelene cart.” You have from dozens of countries around the world.

And some of you found my blog and have physically stopped by to visit with us and see our project. We always enjoy meeting people and giving the 25-cent tour, so if you are in the area please feel free to visit.

Our most recent physical visit from a total stranger (MRPVFTS) was from Ric.
Rik left New Hampshire in the States about six months ago on his 650 Kawasaki motorcycle. With no end date in mind, he is now off to Bolivia. While traveling, Rik is sharing his unique perspective on life; “Why not prepare for the best case scenerio? What do you have to lose if you go about your life not believing in enemies? What if you go about living your life as if there is pleanty for all, it’s just a matter of distribution?” Rik carries a sack of marbles with him. He gave us one, saying, “I’m not losing my marbles, I’m just redistributing them. There are plenty of marbles to go around!” We spent a few hours together then he rode off into threatening rain clouds. I’ll bet it didn’t rain on him. Thanks for visiting us, Rik, all the best case scenerios to you!

One-hundred-thousand. No bells, no whistles sounded. No awards were handed out, and no speeches were made. Just a one and a bunch of zeros. So now what? More of the same, of course!

So thanks to all for stopping by, either physically or via the Internet. I’ll try to keep posting stuff good enough to make your visit worth your time.

In the meantime, I’m getting back to work on the house, but I find that I need a lot of extra sleep to make up for all we lost while in the hospital in Texas. In the past week I did manage to put up about a hundred tiles on the front gate columns and the electric service wall. More and photos in a week or so. Please stay tuned.

That’s all for now. Happy Googling to all, and happy cycling Ric!


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