A Week Working With The Walkway

Back in October or so of last year, we came to an intermission point in installing the floor and wall tiles. Two larger projects lingered — completing the outside walkway from the front steps around to my shop, and the carport floor.

Money was one of the issues, and in the time since then we saved our pennies to buy the remaining walkway tiles. We ordered them and they just arrived. I called Hanibal and Francisco (now I have corrected Hanibal’s name to Anibal) to see if they were available and lucky for us, they were.

At day four, we have the walkway, the wheelbarrow/wheelchair ramp, and all but one of the steps down to the carport completed. Here are some photos:


Francisco prepares to mix some mortar.


Anibal places a spacer and sets the tile with a rubber mallet.


This is the walkway in front of my shop.


A nice miter turns the corner.


This walkway connects my shop to the front door of the house.


The bottom concrete step will be covered with the carport concrete floor, so there is just one step left to tile. Note to self — paint my shop door.


The tile stacked on the walkway is for the carport floor. The carport will double as a bohio, or outdoor party area. The bamboo in the planters that Armando and I made is doing very well.

In other news, remember Ramiro, the man that did a lot of welding and painting for us some months ago? We had some painting to do, and Ramiro had three days between jobs, so we invited him back to tackle the front gate. Two years is about all the time you can get out of a coat of paint fully-exposed here to the tropical sun. Ramiro sanded, primed, and painted the gate anew. Not a speck of paint on him, a very meticulous worker:



The gate is dark green, the same color as the house trim.

I don’t have a photo, but Armando has been busy in the yard, preparing for the rainy season by cleaning and digging out all the drainage ditches. He seems to enjoy grading the bottom of the ditch so that the water runs freely and doesn’t puddle (no breeding ground for mosquitoes).

Cynthia has been busy, too. Here is her latest bowl out of the kiln. She named it Antiguedad. She made the bowl with a variety of five mica powers and a small-gauge copper screen. She intentionally left the edges of the bowl “organic”. I think that it is stunning!

P1020653-002You can see the copper screen through the clear glass on the underside:


Nice job Cynthia!

That’s all for this 201st blog post. Thanks for stopping by.

8 thoughts on “A Week Working With The Walkway

  1. Cynthia has Mica powers! Cynthia has mica powers! And copper screens. Awesome woman.
    Looks like the home stretch, Fred.

  2. Those walkway tiles are gorgeous and such a nice natural complement to the rest of the house. Love that bowl, Cynthia!

  3. We tip our hat to both of you. We have been following for quite a long time now. Great to see that you are on the home stretch. it has been a “BIG” job.
    Thanks that we could be part of your lives during this build. Like to see what artistic vigour comes out of that workshop, if the projects that we have seen is anything to go by. We are waiting in anticipation.

    Kind regards
    Titus and Sandra (Pukekohe New Zealand)

    • Hi Titus & Sandra,

      Yes, it has been a BIG job and we are on the home stretch. Way more work than I imagined, but if I didn’t do it, I would still be the same five-years older and now I know a bit more about myself and have something to show for the passage of my time! Thanks very much for your comment and compliments. They are warmly received. Fred

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