Almost Ready To Move In

The Big Push To Move In continues, although surprisingly not everything we are doing will get us in sooner. I asked our landlady for another week; she said, take two or more and don’t pay. Seems that she wants a night watchman until they can find another renter or can get a contractor to fix the many woes of the place.

But a week will do it because some of our large glass window panes have arrived, and more will arrive next week:


The glass was delivered by Moly and his family in a pickup truck that barely ran. One of the men rode in the back of the truck to steady the glass for the hour-long drive. I understand that they probably wouldn’t own glass-moving suction cups, but I was surprised to see that none of the men and boys were wearing gloves. This is a bare bones operation (no pun intended) but their prices are fair!

I installed one of the panes in one of the guest bedroom windows:


With the heavy rains eroding the soil where all the water runs off the Big Roof, it was time for Armando and Alex to pour a concrete splash pad. Here it is almost done; Armando is pounding rocks into the wet concrete and Alex is finishing the job with a small paintbrush. Fortunately, the rain held off for the entire job:


A day or two later it did rain. Not hard, just a gentle tropical drizzle:

While it rained, Armando and Alex moved indoors to repello (stucco) the master bathroom M2 (foam building panel) wall (not shown) and the wall over the master bedroom bump out:


Aramis has been working nonstop. Here he is putting 3/4″ angle iron into a door that will go at the master bedroom bump out; there will be four, eight-foot-tall glass doors there:


And here is Aramis welding a sink stand for the concrete sink that will go in the laundry. The sink sits on the lower part. The upper part will have a sheet of tile backer and will be tiled. The faucet will sit on the tiled part:

The next photo shows parts of three metal projects in process; a new four-posted canopy bed, the sink stand, and a pair of doors ready to be hung in the bump out. You can also see that in my free time I hung the two white doors. We will paint them a different color:


My days are somewhat chaotic. I have to keep an eye on both Armando and Aramis; whether simply observing progress and watching for problems, making suggestions or giving the next marching orders, or jumping in and working with them when an extra hand is needed. I also run for materials in town. But sometimes I have a small block of time to accomplish something extra, as I did when I installed the doors (above) or this sink just outside of Cynthia’s studio:


These sinks are ubiquitous here. Every one that I have seen is set on concrete blocks at each side of the sink. But this makes a nasty little area that collects spiders and leaves. I decided to weld an angle iron bracket and screw it to the wall. I used urethane caulk to stick the sink to the stand and to the wall. Some touch up of the repello is necessary where I cut the groove for the pipe and around the drain pipe.

Cynthia’s bailiwick is the gardens. She recently stole Armando and Alex from me for a day to clean the back garden, eradicate the ant colonies in the garden, and plant some new plants. While they worked, she divided some asparagus ferns and re-potted them. Another thank you to Christine and Clark who gave us cuttings of most of the plants from their garden:


Christine, what is the name of this plant? I see that it is starting to flower:


The flower heads are a good four or five inches tall.

And there is a dainty little orchid on the dead tree in the front garden:


Even though we haven’t officially moved yet, we are spending more and more time at the new house. On Sundays, we spend most of the day here just hanging out. Here is a happy Cynthia:


And if she is happy, I’m happy:


Happy but tired. I’m working ten-hour days right now. Can’t wait to move!

Some of you have emailed me personally to say that they can’t leave comments. I’ll check it out as soon as I can.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.

4 thoughts on “Almost Ready To Move In

  1. This is SO exciting. I can’t imagine how you two are feeling! The dream coming true. Cynthia, the garden is lovely. I’m loving everything about your new home.

  2. Hi!! I’m totally new to your blog and will definitely be pouring over it when I get home. Muhusbsnd and I are currently in Boquete, gathering info about moving our young family down here for a year (or more!).
    Couple of reasons why I’m getting bin touch : I dream of building a small shipping container home for my family, so this full if great info. #2 I am a lampworker and wanting to bring my studio to Panama, should we come (but be better to cut my shipping container building skills on a small studio!!). Would love to “talk” with you and Cynthia more.

    • Hi Annie, If you get to the El Valle area, let us know. We have been working on our project for three years now, but it is NOT small. Small is beautiful if you want to have something done more quickly. Start with the studio so that you can enjoy your lampworking! I’ll forward your email on to Cynthia so she can connect with you. Regards, Fred

      • Thanks for your response! Hope to hear from Cynthia. 🙂 my husband is very interested in the El Valle area but aren’t sure it is the best for our 2 kids (6 & 3 years old). Please excuse all the typos from before – I’m ‘typing’ on a tablet!!

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