With the corner boundary markers placed, we are making more of a presence on the ground.

While we waited, we had forty yards of sand and gravel delivered from a local river. Although the rain has impacted our schedule, it has provided a benefit. The rivers have been running full and fast, depositing large amounts of sand, gravel, and rocks in the bends of the rivers. This has made plenty of material available to us at a good price. Here’s our sandbox to play in.

Forty yards of sand and gravel for concrete. Where are my Tonka toys?

The rain has worked on compacting the driveway. Missy and Jim have been asking for a photo, so here you are:

A base of 30 yards of twelve-inch rocks covered with 26 yards of tosca. Driveway high and dry.

Our next task was to dig the ditch at the rear property line. This has made a big impact, as now our neighbor’s runoff water doesn’t come onto our property. Digging the ditch was tough going what with all the grass, bush, and tree roots that crisscross the soil. It took seven man days to complete the ditch.

Straight as an arrow, the new ditch is done.

The ditch makes its maiden voyage.

The water in the new ditch enters left, joining the big side ditch during a moderate rain.

After the Big Dig, we started digging the foundation ditch for the chainlink fence. So far, we have the east (right) and north (rear) completed. Abdiel is starting the west (right) ditch this morning while I wait for Armando to catch a bus from town. Monday mornings are tough because everyone and their sister is trying to catch a bus to Panama City. The bus drivers don’t like to load the short-haul passengers as it creates more stop and go along the way. Here is our fence progress:

The east fence foundation is dug. Next is to dig the individual fence post holes.

Coloring inside the lines, Abdiel pickaxes his way along the fenceline. Note the string guidelines. We have placed the fence two feet inside our property so that we may legally maintain the other side of the fence.

One last ditch to report on: We had 25 sacks of cement, five 100-foot rolls of chainlink fencing, and some pipe delivered the other day. They sent the wrong pipe, so on their return trip the driver took the corner not quite wide enough and ended up with his passenger side rear wheels in the big drainage ditch at the front of the house. They spent the next hour jacking the truck and placing anything we could find under the wheels. I directed traffic as it is a dangerous curve and the rear end of the truck was sticking out in the road. They finally got the truck up in the air enough to back out and try again. Life’s a ditch. What can I say.

That’s all for now.

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