Easy Stairs And A Splendid Walkway

On and off for about two months when it rained (did I mention that it rained?) and outside work was not fun, Armando and I have worked under the carport roof. We built a walkway in front of the containers and my shop; this walkway will eventually extend around, at the same level, to the front door. We also built a ramp and a few long steps up to my shop.

Now finally, it is all done. I’ve posted a few of the following photos earlier, but here is the project presented all in one post:

I like easy steps. Easy to walk up or down, that is. Most steps are six-and-a-half to eight inches high, but for this application I wanted the steps long and low. I divided the overall elevation gain by four-and-a-half inches and came up with an even four steps. Here we are digging a foundation for each step, pouring concrete, and then laying a row of blocks to hold the fill dirt in place:

Here is the walkway formed and the three steps roughed in place:

We put rebar and remesh in place:

And finally poured all the walkway concrete in one fell swoop:

Here is the slab all poured:

Next we poured a ramp. You never know, plus the ramp will be helpful when it comes time to move the welder or the wheelbarrow when we pour the concrete floors in the house (soon, I promise!):

The first step is also complete in this photo.

Then, one at a time starting at the top, we formed and poured each step. Here is the top step all poured and troweled:

Lastly we cleared all the construction debris away from the area and brought in some crushed gravel to keep us from walking in mud. We left room for future concrete mixing. Here are four photos of the finished project:

You can see the passageway to Cyn’s studio, and sharp eyes will see that I have most of the outside bathroom completed.

Even though it is just a carport, the space feels tranquil and gracious. We will spend a lot of time sitting here as we transition this once jungle lot to our new home.

In other news, Cynthia is all relocated into her new studio. Here she is making a glass bead at her torch:

Hot glass. C.O.N.C.E.N.T.R.A.T.I.O.N. Do not disturb!

Other projects are in the pipe, but that’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

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