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We can see it. We can smell it. The rainy season is on its way. With virtually no rain since mid-December, now early mornings are overcast with light rain. Dark clouds gather in the northeast in the afternoons. It won’t be long now.

Even though we want to finish tiling the kitchen floor, the push is on to get as much done on the exterior as possible before the heavy rain arrives.

You can see the change in the past two weeks by comparing these two photos:

Panorama -- 23 Feb 2014

cropped-Panorama-23-March-20141.jpgAfter sanding and cleaning the siding, I loaded the HVLP spray gun with an oil-based polyurethane paint:

Panorama --026

And then sprayed the front of the house. In the next photo I am using an ancient hovering/floating technique that I learned as a young child from a mystic in India:

Panorama --028

Oh wait, sorry, that photo was sideways:

Panorama --034


While I was sanding the above wall, I came across a really beautiful (huge) spider:


Ramiro followed behind me, painting the trim dark green/teal. In the next photo is a closeup of the house where you can see that Armando and Francisco, after working all of February and half of March, have finally completed the garden path around the house. The total count is five yards of stones, twenty-five sacks of cement, six yards of sand, sixteen yards of gravel, and fifty-feet of sixteen-foot-wide weed cloth to cover the path. Whew! We think that it adds a lot to the landscape:

Panorama --032

A sharp eye will notice that we just completed some concrete edging at the bamboo window box planter and at the top of the stonework on container #1. When the rains come, we will be planting a lot more plants and getting rid of most of the grass. 

Now the only painting remaining at the front of the house is the rake board (facia) at the roofline. It will be the dark green/teal.

With all the smoke in the air, there have been some beautiful sunrises:

Panorama --029

The early morning light illuminates the glass block wall in the kitchen:

Panorama --030

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

19 thoughts on “Exterior Paint

  1. Fred neglected to mention that this really huge spider was tending an egg sack in its web. The web was built from the bottom of the roof deck down to the bottom of the windows. Its egg sack was about 1-1/2″ long. Eeek!

  2. Fred, I am surprised of your progress, It ´s great. Congratulations. Please post more photos of the interior places!!!

  3. Hi Fred,
    What are going to do when you finish this venture? Oh, I know, you are never actually done.
    I feel the spider should have been named Carolina or whatever is closest to Charlotte in Spanish.
    Maybe I will have the pleasure of admiring your capolavoro soon, maybe.

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