Flush With Pride & Lofty Ambitions

It has only been a week since my last post, so don’t expect much. But to the women out there who have been rooting for an in-house toilet, you know who you are, root no more. REJOICE!

I am very excited to announce that I was able to find a couple of hours and have installed the toilet in the half-bath off the kitchen/under the stairs. It flushes and everything! I also installed a grab bar for Cynthia, although she is needing it less and less; today she climbed the stairs to the loft, without me and without her cane (she is more- and more-frequently forgetting where she left it). Here is a photo of the dual-stage flusher:

Not very colorful at this point. Maybe we will have to dye the TP pink or something.

Hanibal, his brother Bolivar, and I put in a full five-day week working tile. We got most of the master bedroom floor tiled. Today I cut perimeter tile for the outside porch area; Hanibal will install them next week:


We are working our way out of the bedroom and into the hallway and the landing in the living room. Lots and lots of complex cuts to make on the tile:


The little pieces of blue tape mean, “Don’t step on this freshly-set tile.”

But wait, there’s more. While I cut the perimeter tiles, the guys moved upstairs into the loft. They laid two of the six rows of tile there, and I joined them to begin cutting the forty-feet of complex-cut edge tile. We have a lot of stuff stored in the loft, so we will complete one side, then I’ll move the junk to work the other side:


Jabo always thinks that it is his picture that I am taking. I don’t have the heart to tell him that it isn’t always the case. You can see the cut edge tiles standing against the wall. I put yet another one-hundred-dollar blade on the saw before starting these tiles. 

On our next work day, I’ll stay in the loft cutting tiles and the guys will pour the concrete floor in the master bath shower area, sloping the concrete toward the drain.

On most Saturday mornings there are two or three people in front of Central Comercial (the first supermarket as you drive into town), selling home grown veges and plants. A very, very mini farmers’ market if you will. I like to buy from them if they have anything we can use, although sometimes they are kind of pushy, chasing me down inside the store or coming to the car window, not giving up even if I am on the phone. Determined entrepreneurs. Today I picked up some fresh spinach and a pretty bromeliad for eight-bucks.

Armando only worked a couple days this week because he had two really sick kids at home. But he did grout some of the tile and planted the bromeliad in the dead tree in our front garden:


We’re not sure what next week will bring work-wise as it is November, the wettest month of the year and a month chock-a-block filled with holidays, including two or three independence days.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.


4 thoughts on “Flush With Pride & Lofty Ambitions

  1. looking good , but dos`nt it always , the ladies will now
    have to start hinting on another must be completed project , that or expect a slew of visitors now the loo is completed , please pass on regards to the tiling team (as well as yourself ) for the great work you are all doing , regards Mike

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks very much. And now, it really won’t take that much more to install two of the three remaining loos. The project that I am really looking forward to — the kitchen cabinet build out with dovetail drawers that have silent closers on them. Also, the lights that Cynthia made for the kitchen. Just have to get this pesky tile out of the way… Thanks again Mike. Fred

  2. So wonderful to meet you and Cynthia yesterday! It is a fascinating home, and such a huge undertaking! You both should feel so proud! Beautiful now, and even more gorgeous upon completion in 2015! Thanks for showing us your home and giving us a tour.

    • Hi Allison & Ken,

      And a pleasure to meet you, also. I am impressed at how smoothly your recent move to Panama is going. You seem to have the perfect attitude for the adventure. And thanks very much for your kind comments about the house. Today, I set up a fountain on the landing to the master bedroom, so it is clear that completion is getting closer and closer… Thanks again and such a pleasure to meet you both. Fred

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