I Thought The Day Would Never Come

I thought the day would never come when we had the house painted all the way around. But it did! With the exception of a couple small spaces and a bit of trim paint, the outside house painting is DONE. Even the trim paint around the roof line makes a huge difference as you can see in the next two panorama photos:


Panorama -- 23 Feb 2014

Of course the outside of the house isn’t totally done. I still need to tile the front steps.


Panorama -- 13 April 2014

I spray the body of the house and Ramiro brush paints the green trim. We painted the wall under the carport:

We still need to paint the door hardware the dark green trim color.

Ramiro still needs to paint the door hardware the dark green trim color and I need to paint the triangle above the window. The chair is for the night watchman (Jabo). He feels just that much more human when he sits in it.

Container #4 is all painted:


When I took this picture this morning the sky was gray gray gray and ready to rain. It didn’t rain, but it will soon…

Here is a panorama photo of the back of the house.

Panoram -- 13 April 2014 2

Armando still needs to rock the foundation under the screened bump out on the master bedroom.

Some time ago we purchased an electric opener for the front gate. I decided to take a day and install it so that Cynthia and I wouldn’t have to flip a coin to see who would open the gate during a downpour. Poncho helped me dig the two-foot-deep hole and pour the concrete. The gate works great:


Now that I have electricity to the front gate, Cynthia and I can decide on light fixtures for outside on the columns.

Armando and Poncho are still rocking the house. In the next photo they are up to the bottom of the living room doors. They still have to rock the small area to the left of the doors and the large wall area to the right of the doors. Next week Ramiro will tackle the window trim paint and the roof rake trim as well:


I have to remember to punch a hole in the wall (to the right of the living room doors) for a vent for the half bathroom under the stairs. Please remind me before Armando gets all the way to the top of the wall…

One day I went to Armando’s house early in the morning. He had some ground cover plants and a couple hundred cintia plants that we could use to border the new path around the house. We drove back with the truck loaded:


We planted the ground cover plants (foreground) in the area over the septic drainage field. The roots won’t go too deep.

Armando and Poncho spread some new black soil and divided and planted the cintias at one side of the path. Later we’ll get a bunch of purple flowers similar to the cintias and plant them between the rows of cintias. And so begins the disappearance of the grass in the back yard:


Even though the weather is still dry, we had to move the plants from Armando’s house because he doesn’t have enough water to keep the plants alive. Who knew that the tropics could be so dry? But so far in this El Nino year our well is producing very well and we have plenty of water to keep the plants moist.

I gave the young Ballerina (Ramiro’s local, unofficial name for the tree) tree a good drink of water a few days ago and the flowers popped:


And this Roble (Oak) tree next door is all in bloom against a threatening sky to the east:


A few more of our exotic hibiscus (papos) collection have flowered:

P1010236-001 P1010235 P1010210-001 P1010209

Cynthia wants me to let you know that not everything is inexpensive here in Panama. Here are $5.50 worth of tomatillos. She makes a killer green salsa to pour over black bean enchiladas:


That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

20 thoughts on “I Thought The Day Would Never Come

  1. Hi Fred,

    Wow, hard to believe how good everything is looking in such a short time…

    Question for ya… I are that you used steel teeth on the electric gate… whereas more home gates here in Chile, even ours use a rubber/plastic type teeth… I always assumed this Das so that the teeth would strip if the gates got in a bind instead of destroying the gear on motor… Any thoughts on this?

    John in the “true” deep south!

  2. Wow!
    It all looks fantastic. We have been remodeling our place for 14 years, always some “little” project every year, but never anything on the scale that you and Cynthia have tackled.
    I am reminded of a verse from a very old group:

    “Sometimes the lights all shinin on me;
    Other times I can barely see.
    Lately it occurs to me what a long, strange trip its been.”

    Kudos to you and all the crew (and watchie”man”, Jabo).

    jim and nena
    Fort Worth and sometimes Boquete/Arraijan/David

  3. Hola, Great job on the house, and also on this website describing your work. I live (part-time) in the pueblo of San Carlos. Building a container home is an ambition of mine, and I would very much like to see this home if you are able & willing to give a short tour. Gracias, Michael

  4. still here enjoying the build , everything looking good , congratulations to the team on the dancing house if I`m right in remembering that was what you were calling it ? best wishes and kindest regards Mike in west oz

  5. Howdy from Texas …. my husband and I are coming out to Panama to search for a place to buy so we can build a container home and we would love to come visit you. Thank you in advance for your consideration. Natalie

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