Interior Walls ~ Part 3

I had asked Armando to see if he could find another man to help with the stucco (“repello” ray-PAY-oh in Spanish), but with all the holidays, those without regular jobs were still under the weather with what I call “la gripe (grippe) de cervesa” (the beer flu). So yesterday and today he and I worked the repello by ourselves.

It wasn’t that bad, but it did make Armando run a bit more. He had to sift the sand, mix it with the cement, deliver it by the bucket full to where we were working, then spread the mortar with me. A third man could have done all the sifting, mixing, and hauling, leaving Armando and me to specialize with spreading the mortar. Maybe tomorrow he will have better luck, but any way it happens it happens.

Since my last post, I made and installed the two door frames in the laundry. In the next photo, the door frame is primed red. The wood that is attached to the frame will be the level of the second coat of repello. You can see short pieces of rebar that I wove into the wire mesh of the M2 panels; I welded the rebar to the door frame. These pieces of rebar will be embedded into the repello, locking the door frame in place:

The big wall was still a bit wobbly so I added some more bracing to keep it in place while we applied the repello to the other side:

Yesterday we spread most of the first coat of repello in the guest bedroom bath, and today we did two walls in the laundry room, or as Cynthia calls it, “My laundromat.” In the next photo Armando brings in one of many buckets of mescla (mortar mix):

In the next five pictures, at the end of our work day today, I stand in the same spot and pan around the laundry room from looking into the master bedroom to looking into the guest bedroom. What you don’t see is all the scaffolding we had to erect and take down to get to the higher parts of the walls:

We’ll spend the rest of the week spreading this first coat of repello, then next week we’ll start the second coat.

Bonus photos:

When it is time for Jabo to jump into the pickup truck bed, we just say, “Load up,” and up he jumps. But for extra special behavioral enrichment occasions he now knows a new command, “Circus dog!”

The next photo is of the small fruit and vegetable stand two kilometers down the hill. They get their deliveries on Friday mornings so I try to schedule my weekly vege run for Friday afternoons before all the weekenders pick the stand clean. This is the man who usually waits on me; we always have a laugh about something, such as when he hands me a penny change and I exclaim, “Soy rico!” (I’m rich!). He was more than happy to pose for me.

Cynthia and I have tacos planned for supper, then we’ll probably stay up way beyond our bedtime, sitting on the edge of our seats awaiting the results of the Stateside 2012 Presidential Election.

That’s all for now.



10 thoughts on “Interior Walls ~ Part 3

    • Bob, I can always be wrong, but I chose to build walls first for three reasons. 1. Floor first would have been a massively big pour for our small crew/ By breaking the space into smaller bites, we stand a chance of making decent floor finishes. 2. Smaller floors makes for fewer slab cracks. 3. Stuccoing the walls makes a horrific mess on the floor. As we are going to live with concrete floors for a long time, I didn’t want to damage a new slab. Stay tuned, the floors will be in before we know it! Fred

  1. Comment received via FB from my friend Scout:
    I have really been enjoying reading every entry into your Shipping Container journey. Great journalism that makes me feel like I’m there.

  2. Before Fred and Armando started the rapello process in the master bath, Fred and I discussed placement of the fixtures and electrical outlets. As usual, our conversations lead to several enhancements, and some of the M2 panels were removed. We will be reconfiguring some of the space using glass blocks to allow enhanced light and air flow. It’s going to be nice… 🙂

  3. Thank you Fred for finally giving me the correct spelling for repello. I’d seen someone else spell it repeo so that’s what I’ve been using. Guess I should have asked our Spanish teacher! Also too bad that we’re not closer to you. The Hubbie has gotten pretty good at repello work and loves to putter. Especially when other people are footing the bill. Best of luck, looking forward to seeing the next installment! 🙂

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