Just Armando This Week ~ Some Blocks, Some Repello

Sunday Cynthia returned, sick as a dog with a nasty head cold, from a trip to the States. Yes I kissed her when she exited from customs and immigration. And yes, by Tuesday I had it too.

All week I was able to show up in the morning, open the doors for Armando, then totter back home to the hammock. So this week was all about Armando. He was able to build a block wall on the west side of the big floor and apply repello (stucco) to both sides. Here are a couple photos:



Eventually there will be steps down to a terrace area, although the steps won’t be quite so grand or involved as the front steps.

When he completed the wall, he moved to the front steps and began applying repello to the sides of the steps. You can also see that last week I started placing the sheet metal roofing sheets on the big floor. Still a lot more to do, but that will have to wait until my energy has returned:


Armando still has a couple blocks to place in the hole, then he can finish this wall.


The hole in this wall will have a wire mesh door. We’ll keep a propane gas tank or two in this space.

That’s all the progress for this week. I’ll be back at it soon, although Cynthia tells me that some people in the States have been under the effect of this bug for six weeks. We’ll see.

Just a note: The company that hosts this site, DreamHost, recently suffered a catastrophic crash of the server that holds my, and probably many thousands of other sites. This site was down for a while and page loading has slowed significantly while they restore perhaps millions of files. It is getting better. I want to give the company credit; they are keeping me updated with information and have restored every page of my blog. S**t happens, but I think that DreamHost handled it as well as anyone could expect. I like the company.

That’s all for now. Back to my hammock. Thanks for stopping by.



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