Kitchen Cabinets ~ Aluminum Siding ~ Not What You Think!

I can imagine the telephone conversation:

Me: Hello.

Salesperson: Hello. We have a truck in your neighborhood and would like to offer you free aluminum siding.

Me: Yes, I am interested.

Salesperson: How large is your house?

Me: Um, the size of my house doesn’t matter. I want the aluminum siding for my kitchen cabinets.

Salesperson: Pardon me? Kitchen cabinets?

Me: Yes, kitchen cabinets. When can you come?

Salesperson: Click.

As an aside, this reminds me of a conversation that my then 88-year-old mother had with a telephone salesperson. She had neither a driver’s license nor a car. She did, however, have a sharp wit and a great sense of humor. The conversation went like this:

Mother: Hello.

Salesperson: Hello. We have a truck in your neighborhood and would like to offer you a free windshield chip/ding repair.

Mother (putting on her best old-lady, shaky and weak voice): Do I havvvve to oooown a carrrrr?

Salesperson: Click

Okay. With that nonsense out of the way, I would like to confirm that I am indeed putting aluminum siding on our kitchen cabinets. When Cynthia saw it, she said that she thought that she was in a diner.

I used one-sixteenth-inch thick aluminum floor plate (also called diamond plate), the same stock that I used on the shelves in the walk-in closet. I cut the 4’x8′ sheets on the table saw. Of course I still have to make the cabinet doors and drawers, and they will be faced with the aluminum, too. Here are a couple photos:


Sitting at the eating bar, we can see out the windows to the left and through the kitchen door to the back yard. This is a large room (16′ x 40′) but still, it is good to have vistas to combat any closed-in feeling in the room.


You can see that I cut holes in the ends of the islands for electrical plugs. To cut the holes, I drilled the four corners of each plug hole then used a saber saw to cut to the corners. Cynthia and I pulled some of the wiring cables into the islands.

As it stands now, the kitchen, with the white walls, dark grey counter tops, and the aluminum siding on the cabinets, is quite cool looking. As in cold. Kind of dead if you will.

I laid out a few of the grey floor tiles that we have had on hand for some time now. We realized that the look of the cool-toned tile with the rest of the cool tones looked, um, really bad. Too much of a good thing if you will.

We decided to use those tiles on the loft and on the roof deck floors upstairs. Exact same square footage so nothing is lost. We took a trip down the mountain and went to Elmec in Coronado. Elmec sells floor tiles and plumbing fixtures.

Cynthia had been dead set against having any brown in the house. Too much brown in the ’70s I guess. But as we looked at the floor tiles on display, the browns kept coming up as the best option to warm the space. She still had a massive amount of trepidation, but we finally chose a warm brown (reddish but not red) tile and put our money down. The tiles have a wood grain embossed in them and they are the shape of wooden floor planks. I’ll lay them with a thin (one-thirty-second of an inch) grout line and use a grout that matches the color of the tile.

We will also look for warm colors when we choose curtain panels for the windows. I think that when all is said and done that the kitchen will have a nice balance of the coolness of tech and the warmness of nature.

We will mount the TV on the west wall at the far end of the kitchen. For watching TV, a love seat will back up to the third island. But with the white walls, that far end of the containers looks a long way away. We decided to paint the walls at that end a dark color to pull the wall in a bit. Here is a charcoal grey (and we like it a lot):


Of course you aren’t looking at the finished product. There is still some touch up to be done, and I am considering putting the foam building panels on the ribbed end of the container for consistency with the closet. That is the west wall and it gets hot when the sun goes down in the west. We don’t need that much radiant heat against the TV mounted on the wall.

The new floor tiles should be in this week or maybe next and I am anxious to get going on the floor!

In the meantime, Armando had taken a lot of time off and Aramis has run out of work here for the time being. Armando is working on a curb at the side of the driveway:


And early one morning just after sunrise, we had a visitor on one of our windows:


I know, I know. It looks like a plastic frog with a suction cup. But it really is real and apparently this type of frog does indeed have a suction disk on its belly.

That’s all for now, thanks for stopping by.

6 thoughts on “Kitchen Cabinets ~ Aluminum Siding ~ Not What You Think!

  1. What Fred didn’t say in this post was that I had BIG TIME buyers remorse after purchasing the red/brown “wooden plank”-style floor tiles. He’s on his way down the mountain right now to pick it up (it was delivered sooner than anticipated). I can honestly say that I am as nervous as my cat is during a thunderstorm just waiting to see what it will look like in the kitchen! And no, there will definitely not be a diner motif in the kitchen. 😀

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