My Blog Loads Faster Now

Just a note to let you know that my site is loading a lot faster now. It had been getting terribly slow to load, sometimes timing out, and I fear that some of you gave up. Sorry about that. But friend Zach came to my rescue yet again. We moved the site to a new server (still at DreamHost) and did a clean install of the WordPress software. Now it zooms. Thanks Zach!

3 thoughts on “My Blog Loads Faster Now

  1. We are again inspired, and LOVE the high-tech, industrial, functional look and your layout … lucky Cynthia! We had been wondering about your security, and as December is a great month for the maleantes to get desperate…cuidado por favor! We had been robbed at gun-point at our finca and the guys were so desperate at NOT being able to get through the metal bars, they shot my husband in the leg (as a warning, while wagging their fingers at us…) We still love the country and will not get paranoid … just careful! Sending best wishes for your FABULOUS project!

    • Hi Patricia,

      Thank you for your comment. Sorry to hear about your husband being shot in the leg. Yes, the trick is to not become paranoid, but to simply realize the realities of living in Latin America and to respond by knowing how the ladrones think and planning appropriately. We know so many good Panamanians, we just have to install Ladron Filters and keep it all in perspective. Thanks for the best wishes. Fred

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