My Little Red Wagon

My little red wagon… is yellow. (Click the photo for larger view.)

Cynthia is in the States taking care of some family business, and I need to stay near the phone (Skype on the computer), so work over at the building site has temporarily stopped.

I took the opportunity to paint some equipment, including my little red wagon, the big top tent (photos later), and the new steel tubing handles I made for a wheelbarrow (no photos, not worth it). Hopefully Caterpillar has a sense of humor, I figure it is kind of like wearing a CAT baseball cap.  They will be happy for the publicity. If they want, I can send them plans so they can manufacture this wagon for their line of heavy equipment. It would fit right in with their other excellent rolling stock.

Jabo seems to be smiling, but you have to ask yourself. Does he understand the simple ironies of life?

That’s all for now.

3 thoughts on “My Little Red Wagon

  1. Um Fred I don’t want to be the first one to say but your little red wagon isn’t. On that same note in one of the house remodel shows on TV the house they where fixing in the before, the inside was bright yellow in the after, it was beige.

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