At long last, the house is what I am calling 99.9998% complete! I have a very short list of unfinished items, most of which I can do in a day or two. But yesterday and today Cynthia and I staged the house and took photos inside and out. Here is a video with 93 pictures. To save you from me imposing my music choice on you, there is no sound. You can make it full-screen if you like:

So that’s it. Five-and-a-half years and all I have to show for it is 93 lousy photos!

I still hope to make a nice video. Stay tuned.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.

41 thoughts on “PHOTOS!

  1. WOW!!! You two have done such an amazing job! The amount of creative talent, attention to detail, and the tremendous amount of work shows. Your home and garden look sooooooo beautiful and awesome. Well done!

  2. “You’ve come a long way baby.” It looks amazing. I will have to see it in person some day soon. Congratulations.
    xoxo Diana

  3. Hi Fred,

    Been following you for the last 3 years and I amazed on what you have accomplished, congratulation! I will build soon in Costa-Rica and for sure I will be inspired by your patience and ingenuity!

    • Hi David,

      We are in a sweet spot here in the mountains. Not too hot, not too cold. Very little insulation needed here. Our windows are open 24/7/365. But if you need to insulate for heat and/or cold, investigate two-part spray urethane foam. There are videos on YouTube. Absolutely the best for many reasons. For our roofs that are exposed to the sun, I put an inch of foam and poured a few inches of concrete over the foam. No heat transfers and the roof can be used as a roof deck.

      • >For our roofs that are exposed to the sun, I put an inch of foam and poured a few inches of concrete over the foam. No heat transfers and the roof can be used as a roof deck.

        I hadn’t thought of that! I was thinking of using 2by12’s with 3/4 inch plywood screwed down, sealed and then painted with silicon.

        I asked ab’t insulation because it can get 20 below up here and with all the cold coming in and heat going out, I can’t see any way of keeping the place warm!

        • For 20-below, I would build out the inside of the containers with 2x4s and fill the cavities with spray foam. I would leave a space between the 2x4s and the container for some foam so that the cold doesn’t wick through the 2x4s to the face of the drywall or whatever your interior sheathing is. This is a place to start…

  4. What more can we say than WOW and BRAVO! Well, I guess I CAN say ditto to Alexia’s comments. Deserves Architectural Digest attention…seriously!

  5. Incredible job, I’m so glad I found your blog and was able to follow your progress. Congratulations to you and Cynthia, what in the world will you do with all your free time now?

  6. A W E S O M E !!!

    …no worries – you find something to build!

    Probably a massive SOLAR-power station on the roof with 2 or 3 TESLA wall batteries!!

    Next – homebuilt wind turbine!

    And if all else fails – houses in Panama may be finished – they are NEVER finished MAINTAINING!! 3:)



    PS: Hope to come by some day again and pick your brains on Container Homing!!

  7. After 5-1/2 years I, as I am sure many others, feel as though I have gotten to know you and Cynthia through your amazing project. What a stunning home you two have built with love, and now you can really enjoy it. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing the whole process with us.

  8. Fred and Cynthia,

    It looks Great! You’ve done an amazing job. Thanks for sharing the photos. I just tuned into your site recently and got to be here when you’ve finished your five year journey. I left a question for you under the About section.

    Well done,


  9. Stunning, but these pictures only tell half of the story. Perhaps interjecting some of the sweat and toil would add some realism, or have you had enough of that? Just kidding. You and Cynthia are a model of dedication.

    • Hi Don,

      That’s a good idea. Panamanian workers have a gesture that they do — with the side of their index finger, they wipe the sweat from their brow (even if there isn’t any…) and shake the finger toward the ground. It helps to bend over a bit and make the motions exaggerated. The boss feels bad for them and says he will find work for them in the shade. But of course he doesn’t! Thanks Don. Fred

  10. Congratulations Fred and Cynthia!

    Not only is it an amazing piece of inhabitable art, but it looks like it will be very comfortable to live in and enjoy.
    Hoping to see you in town.

  11. I was looking up how to create a cheap septic and came across your blog. This place you all created is absolutely beautiful!

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