Rock ‘N Roll

Now that the driveway concrete entry slab has cured for several weeks I figured it was strong enough to drive on. But beyond the new slab, the driveway area is a soggy mess and it would be a fool’s errand to drive on it.

Armando recommended that we get enough large rocks, 8-inches to a foot in diameter, “grande,” and basically pave the entire driveway with them. Kind of a country cobblestone. Then, if possible, drive over the rocks with the car to sink them into the soft soil; if that proved impossible, then sink the rocks with sledgehammers. I really count on the local knowledge as they have this terrain figured out, and I was really hoping that I wouldn’t have to pay to have guys sledgehammering away for days and days. Later, we would get smaller rocks to smooth out the surface. As we are trying to be as “green” as possible with our project, ultimately we would like the driveway to be a water-permeable surface covered with grass. But the grass can wait until construction is finished.

So we got 8 yards of rock direct from a local river to start. Armando and Abdiel made a morning’s work of the rock pile, then at about 11:30 a.m. the car and I ventured over the concrete entry slab for the first time and onto the rocks. The rocks gave way to the big tires on the pickup and (the rocks) sank about half their diameter into the mud. It was an odd, squishy feel as I drove back and forth over the rocks. Now with about 20-feet of the driveway done, we estimate that we need another 16-20 yards of rock to complete the vast majority of the driveway; we’ll get these rocks on Monday. It will be a wide driveway, about 20-feet, so one will be able to walk around the car without having to step in the mud, and we will have room for guests to park, too.

Here are some photos from our morning’s work. Remember, click a photo to make it larger, and use the back arrow to return to this page.

Abdiel (left) and Armando work their way through the pile of rocks.

It's a start!

Painfully shy and timid when he first started working for us a little over two years ago, Armando has learned that it is fun to clown for the camera.

There it is. Twenty feet all rocked and rolled!

That’s all for now.

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