Five Tables And A Waiting Game

A few weeks ago Ramiro and I fabricated five metal tables. All are a simple modified-Parsons table design. We used 2″x4″x1/8″ steel tubing, the same tubing that we used to fabricate the front door.

The largest table, 4’x9′, will be the dining room table, large enough to seat eight comfortably. It fits nicely in the dining room area. We also made a desk, plus three tables for behind a sofa and under two mirrors. All will be glass topped. I guess that it took us about four days to do all the cutting, welding, and grinding. We burned through ten-pounds of welding rods and used a lot of clamps to keep the angles right at 90 degrees:

Ramiro grinds the welds smooth.

Ramiro grinds the welds smooth.

To provide a place to mount leveling screws and to keep spiders out of the table legs, we welded a piece of one-quarter-inch flat stock onto the bottom of each leg.

But before welding the flat stock onto the legs, we drilled a one-half-inch hole in the center of each of the twenty flat stock pieces. Then we welded a seven-sixteenth-inch nut at each hole. When the tables are all painted, I can screw a bolt through each hole and into each nut to level the tables. Here Ramiro grinds another weld smooth:

P1010311Yesterday, I finally sprayed several coats of primer onto the tables. After the primer dries for a few weeks, I can sand the primer smooth and apply the final color. Here are the tables all primed:


I took this dizzying photo from the loft.


First I painted the tables upside down. Friend Jim came by at just the right time to help me turn the heavy tables right-side up for the rest of the painting. Jabo was of no use what-so-ever, but the paint fumes did make him somewhat goofy.


I like this late afternoon composition.

For now, this project is in suspended animation, waiting for the final color and the slabs of one-half-inch thick glass.

In other news, Armando has nearly completed the rock work around the house. The back of the house looks much better now. In the next photo, Armando is working on the last column; this column is new — I plan to cut an eight-foot-square out of the wall where Armando is working and put in a window of glass blocks. The container needs support here. The glass block window will be in the shower in the master bathroom and will really light up the space and help bring the outside in:


Really, I don’t pose Jabo in these photos. He is just my little shadow…

In the next photo, at the end of the clerestory wall, that blank triangle still needs paint and some trim to make that area look finished. But all in all, it is looking really good.

I didn’t want to go to the work and expense of rocking the wall at the right of the sliding doors in the living room, but Cynthia insisted that it would look great. I’m glad that she did as it gives the house a nice uniform texture. Armando did a wonderful job of keeping the courses of rocks level even though there is a pitch to the land. This morning is really overcast and I predict rain before the morning is over (we erected a tarp where Armando is working; seconds later the sky opened) :

P1010326-001I’ve also prime-painted the underside of the stairs to the loft and roof deck. I’m happy to have this little PITA job done as it was unpleasant with the spray gun in the confined spaces (the half-bath and the closet behind the pantry wall in the kitchen).

If you have noticed that I really haven’t done that much since my last post several weeks ago, you are right. All the hard work of putting up the living room ceiling and other large jobs has me plumb tuckered out. I’m taking a bit of a break.

Also, Cynthia has been in the States for a week now, seeing her cardiologist. Something is going on with her health so she is going through a bunch of tests. We’ll know more after her next appointment in about three weeks, but for now I can’t help but be concerned (to say the least), and all this concern diverts the steam out of my energy for work. While we play a waiting game, she is having a good time staying with her three cousins and an aunt and uncle.

So please understand if my blog is a bit thin for the next weeks. I’ll post as I can. After a bit more rest and relaxation I plan to return to the kitchen floor tile job.

That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by.