The Big Roof ~ Part 4

The Big Roof isn’t done yet, but progress is perceivable. I like the next photo that Cynthia took of me welding an X brace onto the roof. I used 1/16″x1″ flat stock (called platina), welding it to each rafter as it crossed the roof. This will keep the roof “square” and keep it from wracking in the wind:


I’ve welded in a lot more of the rafters:


One nice day Armando, our neighbor Tomas, and I started at 6:00 a.m. and screwed down nine, twenty-foot roofing panels. Each panel is 42-inches wide. Although that’s a lot of sheets and square feet, you can see that there is still a lot to go. It’s a big roof!


Since I took this photo, I have completed the rafters in the little square area to the left of the sheets.

The next picture gives a better perspective on the size of the roof. I still have to weld in the rafters on the left section, plus I have to build the roof that will cover the roof deck:


The rains have been washing the tree blossoms away, so that means that the bees are almost gone too. I am going to try to get to that upper left corner of the roof (previous photo) tomorrow and see if I can weld without raising the ire of the remaining bees. Wish me luck. If I can, then I will start welding in the remaining rafters in that area that overhangs the front of the house. Then more panels, then the section over the roof deck. I figure that I have until the fifteenth of June to work on the roof, then I’ll have to start working on doors and windows so that we can move in the fifteenth of July. Maybe the end of July.

Here is what the place looks like from the front steps:


I took a short 360-degree panarama video from the Big Roof. I can’t believe that we live here:

In other news, Armando has been digging the fish pond. He is putting the dirt in the big gardens and also across the street to improve his yucca and guandu (wan-doo — pigeon pea) garden:


We have a pump to extract the water when it gets too deep.

And he has been cutting the grass and weeding the gardens, both growing rapidly with the arrival of the rains:


Where’s Armando?

The photo above reminds me of one of my favorite artists, Henri Rousseau (link):

Henri Rousseau 2

And when it has been too rainy for me to weld outside, I’ve been doing odds and ends inside, including preparing the stuccoed walls for paint by wet grinding them. This process uses an angle grinder with a diamond grinding/polishing pad. A garden hose is attached to the grinder to wash away the gritty debris. It is all a big mess and is quite scary — water and electricity is never a good idea — even though I have the tool plugged into a GFCI protector. Here are a few photos that Cynthia took:


I’m wearing the latest in fashion: rubber gloves, rubber boots, boxer skivvies, and a plastic trash bag cut for my head and arms.


Cyn insisted that I post this photo. She said I was “cute.” Go figure!

And then there is this NSFW atrocity:


I’ll leave you with that last photo to ponder. What I will do for art. That’s all for now.

10 thoughts on “The Big Roof ~ Part 4

  1. That’s a nice looking roof you’ve got going up there! Nice work! I can see architecture is your forte, when it comes to design! But, as they say, “You’re stylin’!”

  2. Hello Fred , good to see the blog back online , as usual always happy to see what you are up to and the way you are overcoming the various trials that seem to crop up as you continue your build , excellent work as usual and I could hear the bees in that video , roof is looking good , same with the fish pond . Have you decided what you plan to stock it with , something tasty would be my personal answer 🙂 …. as for your styling dress sense , words fail me , long as it does the job 🙂 , regards to the girl ,

    • Hi Mike, yes, I was getting distressed about not being able to blog! It seems to be stable once again. As to the fish, we are thinking goldfish. Cynthia wants them as pets and she doesn’t eat fish. I eat very little fish, only a few times a year so they will be lucky fish and they can eat all the mosquitoes that they want. Thanks for the comment, Fred

      • Goldfish will be fine but will need chicken wire mesh over the pond to keep the birds , snakes from eating the fish . they will consider them tasty and a free feed if you don’t , also will need a shaded part the fish can hide under plus water plants to cool the water in the summer months ,

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