Two Years ~ A Quick Retrospective

It is hard to believe, but we have been working on our shipping container house project for two years. Sometimes I think I’m not making progress because I am so focused on the task of the moment. But I just looked through the 1,324 photos we have taken so far and surprise of surprises, there is a lot of progress! I thought I would (re)post some of the milestone photos. Here is a short slideshow. Enjoy:

That’s all for now.

7 thoughts on “Two Years ~ A Quick Retrospective

  1. Great slide show. Fantastic progress over the two year period. Difficult to go as fast as a regular construction crew when you’re trying to do much of it yourself or with a little help from only a couple of other folks. Wish that I have made as much progress on my place. Trying to pay as I go and usually only work on weekends. Sloooow. At least we have a well and septic system and electricity now. Was using a generator for a while. Sure gets noisey. My three containers have just been housing the tools and some building supplies. Ready to start foundation pillars next. I hope I can do as nice a job as you have done on yours. Bet your wife is really ready to get it over with and move in, eh? Mine definitely is. Once again, great job! As we Texans say; Y’all take care.

    • Hi Don, Yes, building the house is one thing. But it is the infrastructure that eats the months, especially, as you said, with a teeny tiny crew. We usually work a short day, 8:00 to 2:00 or so, and that limits progress even more. But we’ll get there, sounds like you are making progress too. It is an exciting point to move the containers from storage facility stage to house construction stage. We’all is taking care, ya’ll take care, too. Fred

  2. Oh yeah, I’m MORE than ready to move in! I’ll be happy though if I can get a couple of my studio spaces built soon, so I can work in those while Fred’s working on the rest of the house. It will be really nice to feel a part of the project by being on-site daily.

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